Offer for weddings

The preparations for your wedding are progressing well… you have found your bride and groom outfits, the wedding rings, the reception hall, the caterer and maybe even already sent the invitations.

Now you need to find the best bottles to pair with your meal. The choice is wide and you are certainly a little lost … Your father in law is willing to take care of it because he knows the wine, Uncle Peter has “a great plan, but not sure”, your caterer offers you wines but the choice is limited … Don’t worry, it’s your wedding, it’s up to you to choose the wines and champagnes so that this special day remains etched in the taste memory of each of your guests, and we will help you to do so. First, relax, pour yourself a glass of wine, and the two of you sit down calmly so that we can ask ourselves the right questions and define the steps to follow. Do not forget to take a piece of paper and a pen to answer in writing the various questions which it will then be very useful to send to us by email at

Step 1 – Tell us about your wedding

This is the starting point for getting to know you and giving you the best advice.

  • Your first names?
  • Date of marriage?
  • Place of reception?
  • Culinary activities (oyster bar, plancha, sushi, foie gras / ham cutting …) are they planned during the reception?
  • Sit-down dinner or cocktail party?
  • Have you defined a budget for wines, champagnes, spirits and soft drinks, and if so what is your budget?

Step 2 – Define the number of guests

Nothing could be simpler … obviously you have to subtract the number of children from the number of guests.

Which gives us ?? adults invited.

Will all the guests at the cocktail party be staying for dinner? If not, how many people present for the reception and how many present for the dinner?

Have you planned a brunch or a light meal with your loved ones for the next day at noon? Would you like some lighter wines for the next day? If so, how many people are planned?

Step 3 – Adapt your wines to the menu

At this stage, there is no point in looking for your bottles if you do not know what will be the dishes served at the reception.

The composition of your wedding menu will allow us to target your research. It is therefore essential to send us your menu in order to guide you as well as possible.

Please send us your menu.


Step 4 – Define the number of bottles

Now that we have the number of guests and your menu, it will be possible for us to send you a qualitative and quantitative proposal.

It is estimated that it takes one bottle of red for 3.5 people and 1 bottle of white wine for 4.5 people.

If you plan to toast with champagne during the reception and / or dessert, go for 1 bottle for 3.5 people.

Step 5 – Tasting and choice of wines

The most important step (before D-Day) remains the validation of our selection.

Based on your wedding details and your preferences, we will create your Personalized Wine Selection and we will ship it to you for tasting. In case you accept our suggestions, the price of the wine samples shipped will be deducted from your final wedding order (valid for a minimum order of 18 bottles of each wine selected).

The ideal solution is, of course, to organize the tasting at the caterer with the dishes that will be served on “D-day”.

If this solution is not possible, it will be necessary to organize a blind tasting (so as not to be influenced by the labels) with the complicity of friends or relatives. It will be very difficult to reach unanimity (especially between your father in law and Uncle Peter) but it will be necessary to arrive at a consensus … this is the secret of the collective tasting … and of a marriage that tough.

If you still have not found the reception location of your dreams for this big day, you can still consult us