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Red • 2022
75 cl Bottle
Alcohol content : 13,5°


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Food / Wine Pairing

This wine will suit
Cold cuts, Cheeses, Game


You will find this wine
Spicy, Fruity, Rich

Type of meal

You will enjoy this wine during
Candle light dinner, Business dinner, Family dinners

The Estate

In order to create a high-end cuvée of pure Malbec, we wanted to highlight the fruit and the expression of the terroir. Our choice fell on the purchase of a terracotta amphora from the TAVA house: 3rd generation of Italian ceramists worldwide  recognized  in the manufacture of amphorae. The firing temperature is essential in the manufacturing process and gives the amphora a certain oxygen porosity. Like a barrel, this porosity will act positively on the tannic charge of the wine by giving it a patina.

Amphorae have been used in viticulture as containers since nearly 3000 BC.


100% Malbec

Tasting Notes

10 months aging in amphora.

Beautifull deep purple color, powerfull notes of blackberry and blackcurrant.

Ratings & Awards

88/89 Yves Beck