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Red • 2015
75 cl Bottle
Alcohol content : 14°


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Food / Wine Pairing

This wine will suit
Cold cuts, White meat, Red meat


You will find this wine
Oaky, Fruity, Supple

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The Estate

Located 40 km south of Bordeaux on the left bank of the Garonne river, the vines of Château Saint Robert estate cover 34 hectares in the commune of Pujols sur Ciron, close to the boundaries of the Barsac vineyard. Saint Robert was once a seigneurie, or a noble house.
In 1968, the estate belonged to Jean Duroy, who had acquired it from his mother, Dame Anne Robert, from whom it would seem, the château took the name. The Pascal and the Preissac families then became successive owners of the estate until the period of the French revolution during which Saint Robert, after becoming sate property, went through lean times and eventually were left derelict.
It was not until the 19th century that the estate of Saint Robert became a real wine-growing château. This transformation was the work of one of its owners, the younger Poncet Deville, who was largely responsible for the improvements made in the vineyard, which was known at that time as Clos Saint Robert.


Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

Tasting Notes

Deep ruby colour. Delicate aromas of sweet red fruits, orange.
Round and fruity attack. In mouth the wine is well-balaced, offering delicate tannins and a pleasant freshness. A nice fresh finish